Saturday, April 26, 2008

A comment from a reader..

Anyone who actually follows all of that advice, is a complete and total sheep. Not just a poser, but a conformist follower. It's so sad how some people say that being 'emo' is being unique and individual, when you are just reading a few 'how-tos' on the subject.

If you truly are being who you really are, and truly are being an individual, then nobody can give you a 'how-to'. Develop your own personal style and be yourself, not just one of the mindless followers of thousands of teenagers who all look and dress exactly alike.

On that subject, it actualy truly saddens me when I read a few of these comments saying 'heavier set guy, not fat, just bulky, i know this is a bad thing' or 'little puggy (not fat) how to I trem it down to small again? (with out turning it into muscle?)'

The foolish people who write these articles are just contributing to the body image crisis that is sweeping this world, making these peoples self esteem PLUMMET. The people who leave these comments are probably at an incredibly healthy and attractive weight, but people writing these how to be emo articles are telling them LIES about who they 'should' be.

If you are truly overweight like 300kg then I'd say lose some weight but it's not a bad thing to have a few curves!!

WHY are you telling them what to do and how to live their life, how much to weigh, how to look etc., and WHY are you listening to these people telling you to do these things? You are perfect the way you are- your true self is who you were meant to be and not what some 'how-to' tells you to do on the internet.

Don't put on the mask of labelling yourself, become truly unique and appreciative of who you really are on the inside. Nobody can tell you how to dress or how to look, only YOU can tell yourself that.

It really is sad, that people think they need to conform to some emo standard of style to give themselves any worth.

You need not be anyone other than yourself. Don't let people tell you how to live your life, only YOU can tell yourself that. I eagerly await the day that people finally start to wake up to who they really are inside.

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