Friday, May 27, 2011


Some brands just don't keep an eye on the trends, they make the trends. With everything they do, people all over the world are copying their genius ideas, but in matter fact there is just one brand who does it good. In my opinion, Acne is such a brand.
Their designs are innovative and modern, but at the same time also classic and timesless. Millions of people are dying to buy a pair of real Acne boots, but only a few of them can afford these beautiful pieces of design. Therefore, a lot of brands are taking Acne as their inspiration to create a fabulous collection. One of those brands is Bronx, which fall/autumn 2011/12 collection is so awesome that you have to love it. I can't wait for this collection to be in stores this autumn!
Sometimes, dreams have to stay dreams in order to feel the desire.

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