Thursday, June 9, 2011

Romantic lace favs

- Grey dress Yumi
- Cream lace 60's dress Yumi
- Cream lace dress Molly Bracken
- Romantic grey T-shirt dress Molly Bracken
- Oversized lace top Molly Bracken
- Self-made ShoeBag (school art project)
- Chanel inspired necklaces Primark

Like you can see, Yumi and Molly Bracken are my favorites if you talk about cute lace dresses and tops. These 2 brands create a perfect balance between lovely materials and strong designs.
The designs are mostly inspired by the 60's and Chanel, which I both totally love. Therefore, it's not surprising that I am also in love the mix of these two.
Sometimes, it's just nice to be a girly girl for a moment.

Living in the stronger version of yourself helps you to survive, but showing your soft side helps you being able to love.

xox, V

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