Sunday, July 17, 2011

Polder fashion

1 and 2: Snapshots Modefabriek
3: Front row @ Halé Bob with my colleague/friend
4 to 8: Colorful looks on the catwalk
9: Detailed shot of my look

Today was a big day in the world of Dutch fashion, because the Modefabriek SS12 edition took place in Amsterdam. I thought the level of high fashion was kind of disappointing, but hey, it's the Netherlands. I know, I know.. We only know our 'Polder fashion' and of course we also have the economic crisis. But in my opinion, creativity has nothing to do with money.
We also went to the Halé Bob show, which was kind of shocking. I have seen quite some shows before, but I never saw such scary, thin models and such bad shoes (I mean the worst shoes in the world!). I am really really sorry for being so negative, but it's just the truth..

Although, it's always quite fun to visit such an event and the Modefabriek did a great job giving young and new designers a chance to present themselves. Also the new edition of trash & treasures was a great succes. I loved it. I was in heaven when I saw this vintage, turquoise, oversized jacket by YSL. I bought it for myself as a present because I thought I deserved it, because a fractured jaw had ruined my vacation 6 hours after we arrived. Bad luck. But this coat from heaven made me happy again. Good luck. =)

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