Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cut it!

Jeans Diesel Vintage

Today, a friend of mine told me about the thrift store in our town. She said they have some nice stuff over there, so I went there to have a look. And hell yeah, she was right! You really have to look closely to find something nice and some things are just too ugly to put in words, but if you look a little bit further, you're able to find some things you will never find in another store.
I found a pretty cool Diesel jeans, a little bit high-waisted and I immediately saw cute little shorts in them! The cut of the jeans was horrible, but I was going to cut it anyway so I bought it. After I cut it, I gave it a kind of destroyed touch and it was done.
These kind of things give me such a good feeling. Unbelieveble how happy you can feel about something that doesn't make any sense. But sometimes, the little things in life are the ones that make you the happiest and coolest girl in the world.
How easy, right? :)
xox, V

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