Monday, April 9, 2012

One of the two

Standing in a bookstore and facing the moment that you have to commit a serious childhood crime. That's what happened when I saw the two covers of the april issues of the British ELLE. 
One with the fascinating and edgy Mary-Kate Olsen, and the other with the sophisticated and feminine Ashley Olsen. I had to choose between my all-time favorite women in the world, who I adore since I was a little girl. Staring at those covers it wasn't about the magazine anymore, it was a matter of principle. It felt like you must choose between your divorced parents. Terrible.
Unfortunately my bank account said to me I wasn't in the position to buy both of them, because of the ridiculous prices of foreign magazines in the Netherlands. After twisting and turning, I made my decision. I adore Mary-Kate a little more than Ashley. She's the only person in the world beside myself who I would like to be. She is just fucking marvelous.

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