Sunday, August 7, 2011

The beauty of Canada

This weekend, we went to the family cottage about 2 hours away from Newmarket. Here, I could finally see the beauty of the nature of Canada. The cottage is located right next to a small lake (what is great because of the small size there aren't a lot motor boats).
I loved it so much, but I also realized I was such a city girl. For the first time, I went kayaking and I was actually pretty good at it and enjoyed it very much. It was so quiet upon the lake, you could just feel the beauty of nature.
The cottage was big enough for the whole family, we slept there with about 20 people and had dinner at their neighbours. Everyone was so hospitable and I really felt comfortable, although I didn't really know everyone up there. But the family and I had a blast!

Today, it was also the day that Naomi turned 4, so we celebrated it at the cottage. We brought a lot of delicious cupcakes and a bunch of presents for the little birthday girl.

Tomorrow, I will leave Newmarket and go to downtown Toronto to my cousin Snappy. I will miss Kim and the kids a lot, because I had the best time ever, but I hope I will see them soon again.
Love from Canada,

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