Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Monday, I went with my two cousins and the kids to Centre Island, which is an island in downtown Toronto. Very cool, and on the way in the boat you can see the skyline of Toronto. The weather was very nice and we had a good day. Monday was also the day of another change-up: it was the start of my week at Snappy's place.

Yesterday and today we spent our time mostly at Kensington street, which is in downtown Toronto. This place has a nice market and some good coffee shops. It's a place where Snappy used to hang out a lot and he really wanted to show me that. In the morning is was really rainy and we became soaking wet during our bike tour through the city. But later on, the sun came through and we had two very good days tough. Today, my cousin took me to a very nice coffee shop where they have this awesome tea called mate from South America. We drank it in the traditional way, because in this way it tastes the bestI bought some of the tea to take home because it has a really good flavor and it gives you the vibe and energy of coffee.

I will be at Snappy's place till Monday, so stay tuned!!
xox, V   I

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