Friday, August 12, 2011

Pure perfection

Today was definitely a great day. I saw so many things and took so many beautiful photos that I don't even know where to start..

People always use to say that nothing and nobody is perfect. Well, I definitely changed my mind about that today. Besides all the crap and tourism is this beautiful nature, a magical force with so much perfection and power you can't even imagine. That's what I saw today at the Niagara Falls and the gardens. Pure beauty.

Walking towards the Niagara Falls wasn't fun at all. We ended up walking in a giant rain storm and the trees turned out not to be such a good shelter.. Second shower that day and totally soaked. But after a while the sun came finally through and that made up for everything. I couldn't believe the force over there, you could really feel the power of nature in this area.
There is no life without water.

 Some close-ups of beautiful flowers and nature in these peaceful gardens down in Niagara.

 On our way back to Toronto, we saw this amazing sunset.

 But I also realized that besides the creations of human nature, the creations of human beings also have beauty in them. And there are different ways of seeing this. I was dying to make photos when I saw this city skyline by night through my car window, so I took my camera and started to make pictures. Thanks to a bumpy road, a driving car and millions of lights I took these (in my opinion) beautiful and dynamic photos. Actually I took them by accident, but I think they are really great because they show the movement and speed of the city.
It's definitely a different kind of beauty than the nature, but that doesn't mean it isn't beautiful too. I think it's great to have this balance between human nature and human creations. That's what keeps a country like Canada alive.
Lots of love, V

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